P-O Art Expo

Picasso, Dali, Matisse… the P-O have inspired a wave of great artists across the centuries and continue to do so in modern times.

Whether it be the iconic Collioure bell tower, the cobbled streets of Céret or any number of other beauty spots, this magical region, between mountains and sea is an artist’s dream.

Although the P-O boast a huge number of museums and galleries, during lockdown, culture vultures are left without their fix and exhibiting artists are deprived of their viewers… which is where we step in.

Following the hugely successful P-O Arts Anthology series that we organised for amateurs during lockdown take 1, we thought we’d invite local exhibiting artists to take part in the P-O Arts Expo during lockdown take 2.

This online exhibition celebrates local talent, facilitating the connection between art creators and art lovers, while we all remain safely at home.

Once restrictions ease, please do get out there and support local artists, so hard hit by this year’s crisis.

But for now, sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the fantastic work of Anita Abram, Ansua Dutta-Wystup, Suzanne Dunaway and Irena Gapkovska.

Click the artwork to be taken to the exhibitions

Anita Abram

Ansua Dutta-Wystup

Ansua Dutta Wystup

Suzanne Dunaway

Suzanne Dunaway

Irena Gapkovska


  1. Would you do something similar for local arts and crafters in the region.
    (Facebook and Instagram
    « Plumes de Nature »)
    I know there are many very talented folks out there.

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