Grape Harvest Cake
Inspired by a recipe from ‘Patricia Wells at Home in Provence,’ a book that has had shelf space in my library for many years, this recipe is just as appropriate in our very own ‘Sud de France’, the Pyrénées-Orientales.

What better season to try this Watermelon Gazpacho, fresh, light, and cool on a hot P-O summer day! Ingredients Approx 3 cups of watermelon, chopped and seeded 1 cucumber, diced 1 red or yellow bell…

This French tradition of serving a frangipane filled tart known as the ‘galette des rois’ (or the ‘gateau des rois’ in the South of France) on, or around the 6th January, (the first Sunday of each New Year) actually dates back to the 14th century.

French poet Leon-Paul Fargue described eating oysters as like ‘kissing the sea on the lips’.
Exotic, erotic by reputation….and not everybody’s tasse de thé, the sight and texture of an oyster has made many a strong man (and woman) gag. Still alive as you tip it into your mouth, might it wriggle and jiggle and wiggle inside, like the old day who swallowed a spider?

As the evening temperatures continue to decrease and the nights grow longer, it’s definitely time for comforting stews which promote a sense of well-being and contentment, especially since this recipe has the colours of the Catalan flag too!