Le Maître de Cabestany

An anonymous 12th century sculptor, the Master of Cabestany was not recognised until as late as the 1930s when a Romanesque-style tympanum was unearthed during renovation work at the parish church of Cabestany.

Since then, identified only by certain similarities, over 100 superbly crafted pieces of sculpture have been attributed to the anonymous Master. However, it was the tympanum at Cabestany which made his name.

Mouldings were taken from his works, and castings were made in stone, reproducing the same grain and colour as the originals.

Cabestany opened a museum in an old winemaking cave (Centre de Sculpture Romane, Parc Guilhem, 66330 CABESTANY Tel 04 68 08 15 31) devoted to Romanesque sculpture.

The Master of Cabestany

Other works in the P-O can be found on the outer door of Monastir del Camp near Thuir, and the frieze on the outer door of the parish church of Sainte-Marie in Le Boulou.

Exhibition : Alphonse Snoeck et le Maître de Cabestany

Opening during the weekend of les Journées européennes du Patrimoine (15th & 16th September), this exciting new exhibition is a contemporary interpretation of the Master’s classic pieces.

Alphonse Snoeck, a graduate of the Institut supérieur des Beaux-arts Sain-Luc de Liège, was inspired by the rhythm of movement and the drapery within the Master’s works.

Snoeck’s pieces pay homage to the ancient, religious or oriental themes seen within the original sculptures, whilst expressing his own, unique talent.

In the Footsteps of the Master of Cabestany will be housed at the Maison de l’Histoire in le Boulou until 20th October.

Opening Hours

Wednesday & Thursday
10am – 12pm / 2pm – 5pm

10am – 12pm / 2pm – 6pm

The museum will be open for the Journées européennes du Patirmoine
Saturday 15th September 9am – 1pm / 2pm – 5pm
Sunday 16th September 2pm – 5pm


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