Sing and be joyful – join our choir!

If you’re like us and you adore singing – in the car or in the shower perhaps where no one can hear you – then we’re sure you would also love to sing in a choir. No, don’t run away…

Our choir is La Chorale Internationale d’Albera. It is based in Montesquieu des Albères, where we are now quite well known. We’ve been singing together for some years now.

We call ourselves international because our choir has members from France, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Germany and Belgium – ladies and gentlemen, not so young and not so old, sopranos, altos and baritones – get the picture?

There are about 30 of us and our choir master says he would like an even bigger choir so we are on a mission to recruit new members. The good news is that there is NO AUDITION.

We enjoy ourselves and we get a huge buzz from just singing our hearts out every Saturday afternoon. Of course no choir is complete without a repertoire and a concert or two. We have two concerts a year – a winter one and a summer one – plus a few extra concerts every season.

If you are tempted to come along and see for yourselves, our first rehearsal is on Saturday 4 March. You can just come and meet us and join in the singing. There is absolutely no obligation to commit. You might want to say yes straight away or go away and think about it, which is fine.

Please find out more by emailing David Ingram:

chorale albera

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