Snail Fest

Team Cargols is a Perpignan-based association created back in 2014.

Their goal: promoting and developing snail cuisine, in particular, the “petits gris” (little greys), at a local, national and European level.

Via their culinary crusade, they also seek to forge social connections and build friendships, raising money and awareness to shape a more humane society.

Well, if snails aren’t bothered by gender, colour, religion, political persuasion or age, why should we be?


The Catalan tradition for an “-ada” (a meal, usually for many mouths, based around a single ingredient which could be anything from snails to chocolate – bullinada, cargolada, calçotada etc), often creates some highly unusual, charming and community spirited festivals. Often grilled or barbecued.

Images from the 2019 Aplec du Caragol in Lleida

New for 2021

Celebrating the very best in Catalan traditions, Team Cargols have joined the Fédération des Associations Catalanes des Traditions d’Etang et de Mer (FACTEM) and will be taking their cargoloadas to the water!

Promoting the Catalan coastal traditions in the manner of ancient mariners, the snail trail will travel on the Llaguts de rem, the beautiful barques catalanes that we all know and love.


Snail Fest – 3rd & 4th July, Toulouges

The four pillars of the Snail Fest are:

1. The conviviality of the cargolada, gastronomic heritage of Roussillon.
2. The Catalan culture and the richness of the Pyrenees Orientales region.
3. The participation of associations and exhibitors representing the area.
4. A varied programme, free of charge, to stimulate curiosity.

So whatever your opinion on the slippery little suckers, this is a great occasion to (re)discover the epitome of Catalonia.

Head to the Parc de Clairfont in Toulouges over the first weekend in July for plenty of local produce, snails and otherwise!

snail fest


Saturday 5th June, Anchovy Festival, Collioure

Sunday 6th June, 1st round of the Pays Catalan de Llaguts championship, Collioure

Saturday 12th June, Nautiques d’Argelès

Sunday 13th June, 1st round of the Pays Catalan de Llaguts championship, Collioure

Wednesday 23rd June, Fête de la Sant Joan

Sunday 27th, Trobada

Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th July, Fête de la Saint Pierre

Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th July, Sailing Challenge, Canet en Roussillon

Saturday 17th July, Ligue d’Occitanie championship & 3rd round of the Pays Catalan de Llaguts championship,, Collioure

Sunday 25th July, 18th Trobada, le Barcarès

Saturday 31st, Trobada & Havanères, Port Vendres

Sunday 1st August, Fête de Bonança, Saint Hippolyte

Saturday 14th – Tuesday 17th August, Fête de la Sant Vicens, Collioure

Saturday 28th August, Trobada, Cadaquès (Spain)

Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th September, Trobada, Port-Vendres

Saturday 11th September, Trobada, Escala (Spain)

Saturday 9th October, 4th round of the Pays Catalan de Llaguts championship

Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th October, Fête des vendanges, Banyuls sur Mer

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