Delightful Deception

A trompe l’oeil, or ‘trick of the eye’, is the art of illusion, a technique using realistic imagery to create an optical illusion of depth. Some of them are mind blowing.

Take a look at these three plain stone walls in Prades. No doors, no windows… only the cars are real!

trompe oeil

The woman looks out of her window over the car park between rue Victor Hugo and rue des Marchands. The steam train pulls in to the station area on avenue Général Roques. The artist and the musician take inspiration from the comings and goings of place Catalogne in the town centre

And there’s more in Maury! While there’s always space for more furry friends at P-O Life, this was one that we couldn’t take home with us. The Catalan donkey was also stubbornly refusing to go anywhere.

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