Young and female? Beware!

It seems that skiers who are the most at risk on the ski slopes are young females under the age of 25, who are 3.5 times more likely to have a fall leading to a sprained knee or ankle than the male of the species!

Apparently, this is partly down to the female form whose pelvis is ‘horizontale’ !

Another key factor is a women’s body positioning during sports, and over-reliance on their quadriceps muscles (with an under reliance on their hamstrings) which may also contribute to a higher injury rate.

The expert’s advice for a trouble free ski?

Check your bindings regularly and thoroughly or, even better, have them checked by a technician in a ski equipment shop.
Do plenty of exercise on the thigh muscles in preparation for your ski trip, and warm up before taking to the slopes, by stretching before skiing|

And did you know that there are skis adapted specifically to the female shape? Lead me to the  short, plump ski section!

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