Argelès Photo Nature

By Ellen Turner Hall

2020 marks the 12th year that Argelès has offered the public a look into Nature in all its diversity. Photo Nature 2020 is a retrospective of previous shows. Luckily, the photographs are worth a second look and a deeper consideration of the changing state of our natural riches.

The exhibit is spread over four locations, including the middle of Argeles village and along the quai of Port Argeles.

My favourite venue is on the promenade which affords families plenty of space to walk or ride their bikes while keeping a safe distance from others.

The images presenting des hommes et des iles (men and islands) are set along a swathe of green grass dotted with trees where you are invited to stroll and stop in front of a subject which catches your eye.

To satisfy your curiosity, each panel includes a map (in case you have forgotten the exact location of the Sundarbans or Sulawesi) and notes in both English and French.

The information comes with an eco-edge, pointing out how over fishing and slash and burn techniques are destroying the livelihood of local people as well as the planet’s delicate balance.

The closer you look, the more details will pop out at you. Perhaps taking this little quiz will whet your appetite to know more?


Answers at the bottom of the page - no cheating!

  1. Where do they catch fish with otters?
  2. What are the highly coloured skirts of Comoros made of?
  3. Which Madagascar animal’s names means “hump”?
  4. What word do they use in Marquesas for a stone statue?

Find out more about Argelès Photo Nature here.

  1. Sundarbans
  2. Bark and roots
  3. Zebu
  4. Tiki

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