Cold calling cauchemar controlled

Phone & internet providers, insurance companies, professional training organisations… the offers are varied, numerous and mostly a pain in the derrière.

In 2022 a whopping 211 000 complaints were made about cold calls but since the 1st March 2023, a number of measures have been put in place to restrict cold calling practices.

So if your phone is usually ringing off the hook with pesky, unsolicited sales calls, you will be delighted to hear that a new government decree has been put in place to bring cold calling under control. (Although monitoring and enforcing it is a  different ‘bouilloire de poissons’ entirely!)

New measures

From now on, there can be no cold calling…

  • Before 10am
  • Between 1pm and 2pm
  • After 8pm
  • At all during the weekend

The decree also limits the number of times a company can call you, capping their attempts at 4 calls over a 30 day period. If you answer and state that you do not wish to be called, the company cannot call you back again for a further 60 days.

Numbers to watch out for

Companies are no longer allowed to use numbers starting 06 or 07, because these cannot be distinguished from mobile phone numbers used by individuals.

Cold calling companies are now obligated to use a 09 number or ‘geographical’ numbers, based on where the company is registered in France.

cold calling numbers

Further protection

You can register your phone number on a list of opposition to cold calling via the government website :

Enter your name, number and email address, then sit back and enjoy the peace.

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