Good news for motorists heading over the border: the AP-7 motorway in Spain is going toll-free . The toll barriers have already been removed between Tarragona and Alicante and the Valencia section of the motorway is free to motorists as of 1st January 2020.

Those of us travelling from France into Spain on the section of the AP-7 between the French and Spanish border and Barcelona don’t have long to wait as this tolls are expected to  be abolished from August 31st of this year, 2021.

We have Pedro Sanchez’s socialist government to thank for this decision. In June 2018 he announced that motorway concessions conceded to private companies for the last 50 years would be removed. This has been a controversial decision affecting both the AP-7 and the AP-4 between Seville and Cadiz. Critics, including several Spanish city councils, warn of a loss of revenue of 10 million euros for the AP-7 alone.

Other Spanish motorway where tolls will be abolished.

  • Montmelo-La Jonquera AP-7 (E-15) – from  31 August 2021 
  • Barcelona-Tarragona AP-7 (E-15) – from 31 August 2021 
  • Montmeló-Papiol AP-7 (E-15) – from 31 August 2021 
  • Zaragoza-Mediterráneo  AP-2 (E-90) – from 31 August 2021 (
  • Bilbao-Zaragoza AP-68 (E-804;E;805) – from 11 November 2026

If you are driving down to Barcelona, don’t forget that you might need an anti-pollution sticker.


  1. Montesinos toll to La Zenia Orihuela costa is a rip off roughly 10 kilometer almost
    5 Euro. Once taken never again!

  2. Just used the AP7 from valenca to France free all the way
    The sooner Google maps catch up the better

    1. The AP7 is not entirely free September 2022.
      There is a toll at La Zenia €4:15 so if travelling towards Murcia or Cartagena you pay

  3. If you look on Google maps …… The toll gates are still there ????????
    But I read the tolls have been taken of !!!!!!!!!!!
    I ride a motorcycle and it is hard to get your fee out ……………………………
    So its nice to Know if it is FREE.
    I travel from north of Barcelona down to the Delta a lot, and if i can travel on the AP7 it is a lot Quicker.

  4. Hi, as I travelled from Alicante to Pinoso today I passed the exit to join the AP7 eastbound. The signs still read TOLL ROAD, peage ahead. So is it free or not?

  5. Great news but where do get an anti pollution sticker?

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