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Collioure fireworks, 13 wounded

The annual St Vincent Firework display in Collioure ended in chaos when fallout from a rocket, launched from a barge at sea, landed in the middle of the crowd gathered on the beach. 13 people were wounded, including a 50 year-old woman who has severe burns to her legs.

Arsonist arrested

There have been an unusual amount of ‘unusual’ fires in the region of Toreilles and Sainte-Maire-la-Mer and since the beginning of June police had been investigating. A young man on a scooter had been seen near several of the fires and police managed to track down and arrest a 19 year old man from Sainte-Marie-La-Mer, having found flammable products at his home. He was sentenced to prison.

Pedestrian killed

In circumstances yet to be determined, a car ran into a pedestrian on the RD115 between Saint-Jean-Pla-de-Corts and Céret. The 37 year old man has since died of his wounds, and the occupants of the vehicle were taken to hospital suffering from shock. Police are asking for any witnesses who can provide information.

Eric Cantona Stadium

This is the name of the new football stadium at Argèles-sur-Mer – which is due to be inaugurated on August 30 in the presence of the famous footballer. The name was chosen because of his link to the region – his grandfather was one of the republicans who fled the Franco regime in 1939 and was interned in the camp of Argelès.

Woman stabbed in Port Vendres

A 71 year-old woman was found in the street of Port Vendres outside an apartment she was staying in, suffering from several stab wounds. Unfortunately she died just before help arrived but police then cordoned off the area as they searched for her husband, from whom she had separated 2 weeks ago. After a search of one hour they tracked him down and taken him into custody but have not been able to question him as he is said to be in a state of shock.

And finally …..

It was a busy weekend for the Perpignan police with 5 incidents to deal with. One driver drove off at high speed to avoid a police control – but was soon caught and arrested. Another was stopped on Boulevard Anatole France and was arrested for having no licence (as was the case during his previous arrests in 2013, 2016, 2017 and April of this year); a 27 year old man was then arrested for driving while over the alcohol limit and without insurance. On the Sunday, there were 2 accidents caused by drunk drivers – the first one involved a man with no insurance or licence, and finally at 10pm a drunk 60 year-old jumped a red light and crashed into a car which was pushed into a tree. The occupants (a couple from Thuir) had to be cut from the car but their condition is not said to be life-threatening – they are, however, threatening to file a complaint against the driver.

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