Macron’s Grand Débat

In response to the ongoing Gilets Jaunes movement, President Emmanuel Macron has instigated a nationwide grand débat.

Travelling throughout the country and speaking to representatives of each community, the idea is to allow everyone to debate the essential issues facing the French people.

How it works

  1. Local meetings- organised by local Mairies, these public meetings are designed to give everyone the opportunity to debate, to be heard and to express their concerns
  2. On line- for those unable to attend a public meeting, online platforms are available to voice your opinions and answer questionnaires on various aspects of the Republic
  3. Local stands- government representatives will man stands in public places, allowing passers-by to discuss issues directly
  4. Citizen conferences- from 1st March, regional citizen conferences will be organised, bringing together French people drawn by lot from each region with representatives of various stakeholders
  5. Conclusions- in April, the government with publish a report summarising the findings, along with an action plan to move forward

On the agenda

The grand débat invites participants to think about and discuss 4 key themes. You can read full details and give your opinion on each theme by clicking on the title (in French!).

Otherwise, here is our brief overview of what they cover:

  1. Ecological transition– fossil fuels, transportation, energy, pollution,
  2. Finance and public spending– national deficit, taxes & social contributions, benefits, work & unemployment, government spending
  3. Democracy & citizenship– immigration/integration, communication between citizen and government, reduction of parliamentarians, social & territorial divisions
  4. Organisation of state & public services– making public services (education, health, tax, benefits, police etc.) more accessible, transparent & efficient- including online access

In the P-O

You can take part in the grand débat at the following locations across the P-O

Argelès sur Mer Salle Buisson (next to the Hôtel de Ville)
Monday 4th February 6.30pm – Finance & public spending / Organisation of state and public services
Tuesday 11th February 6.30pm – Democracy & citizenship / Ecological transition

Belesta Salle des Fêtes
Tuesday 5th February 6.30pm – Ecological transition

Perpignan Permanence du Conseil Départemental, 34 boulevard Clemenceau
Wednesday 6th February 12pm – All themes

Perpignan Annexe mairie Saint Assiscle, 26 rue Pascal Marie Agasse
Thursday 7th February 6.30pm – All themes

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