Out and About … on electric scooters!

We’ve all seen them whizzing around the place… electric scooters have well and truly established themselves as the new mode of transport for the 2020s.

But if you think it’s a young man’s (or woman’s) game, think again! These modern two-wheel machines are stable, environmentally-friendly and fast becoming the commuter’s best friend.

They are also an ideal way to see the sights and two P-O towns have launched their very own scooter flotilla.

All aboard

Since the beginning of July, Le Barcarès has introduced 100 motorised scooters for residents and visitors to better navigate the seaside town. Take in the sea air with an outing along the bike path, forget the nightmare of parking when visiting one of the bustling markets or simply enjoy the sensation of something new!

Perpignan has trialled motorised scooters once before. At the beginning of the school year, in September 2019, you may have seen the jazzy orange and black machines strewn across the city… some even ended up in the Têt river. This time, in a bid to overcome theft and vandalism, parking of the 200 scooters will be limited to certain areas.

How it works

Barcelona-based providers, Wind,  share the following guidelines:

  • Download the dedicated app to find your nearest park station (Google Play / Apple).
  • Zipping through the city is fast and fun, but safety first. Make sure you wear a helmet (not provided).
  • Choose your scooter then tap the QR code or type in the number to unlock.
  • When you’re ready, step up and push off. Keep both feet on the scooter while riding.
  • Use the right button and the left button, or the levers, to brake.
  • Try to avoid pavements. Use bike lanes where provided.
  • The motor will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Simply tap ‘Continue Ride’ on your phone to restart.
  • If you’re unsure of anything, use the ‘Help’ section of the app.
  • When you’ve finished, return your scooter to the nearest designated drop off zone, identifiable on the app.
  • Tap ‘End Ride’ to finish your adventure.


Renting an electric scooter will cost a fixed rate of 1€ plus 20 cents per minute. Wind estimate that the average trip varies between 8 and 10 minutes.


To ensure the peace and tranquillity of surrounding neighbourhoods, the electric scooter service will be cut at night and speed is restricted in pedestrian areas.


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