It’s hard to resist a recipe with such a saucy sounding name! If it conjured up visions of gypsy dancers with flashing eyes you wouldn’t be far wrong, because zarzuela (sar-soo-EH-lah) means operetta or variety show in Catalan.

Escudella (meaning bowl in Catalan) – a large stew-soup traditionally made at Christmas, a favourite cold-weather dish to warm the soul! Normally made from anything available and boiled all day. Here is one of many versions!

The Easter Omelette, or ‘Omelette Pascale is more than just a recipe in Catalonia – it’s a whole tradition!
According to legend, Napoleon Bonaparte was travelling across southern France with his army, when he first tasted an omelette prepared for him at an inn near Bessières. He was so impressed that he had a giant omelette made for his troops the very next day. What a nice man!

Bunyetes are flat, fried ‘pancakes’ which swell in oil, become crisp, and are served dusted with granulated sugar, much like beignets or doughnuts. They are traditionally made and eaten at Easter all over Catalonia.