Since July 1, 2021, it is no longer possible to create new DMPs, either on the dmp.fr website, or with healthcare professionals.
DMPs created before this date will not be deleted and all information will automatically be transferred to  Mon espace santé  in the patient’s  profile (unless the patient objects).

Patient access to the Dossier Médical Partagé  (Shared Medical Record) will no longer be available from end of February 2023 .

Mon espace santé  is the new secure service that allows everyone to be involved in their health on a daily basis. It gives access to a medical file, secure health messaging, as well as a catalog of applications referenced by the State.

Dossier Médical Partagé

The Dossier Medical Partagé (DMP) is a free, confidential and secure health record that stores your information in one centralised, digital location.

Details of all  your  treatments, test results, pathologies, allergies and other health information are grouped together in one place in a bid to provide coordinated health care, particularly in case of emergency.

But who is it for? How can a DMP be created? Is access completely secure? All of these questions are answered by government agency, service-public.fr

Why create a DMP?

By simplifying and securing the sharing of relevant health information, the DMP promotes coordination and quality of care between all health professionals, even in hospitals.

After an experimental phase, the DMP is now available everywhere in France. It is not mandatory and has no impact on your medical reimbursements.

Who is concerned?

Anybody with a social security number can create a DMP for themselves or for their dependents. The DMP is particularly useful for people who often use multiple care services, such as patients with chronic diseases, the elderly or pregnant women.

What information is held?

To improve efficiency and minimise the dangers of anesthesia risks or dangerous drug interactions, the service will amalgamate:

  • Your care history over the past 24 months, automatically updated by your health insurance
  • Your test results (X-ray, biological analyses etc.)
  • Your medical history (pathology, allergies etc.)
  • Your hospitalization reports
  • Your next of kin
  • Your advance instructions for end-of-life treatment (from April 2019)

How do I create a DMP?

You can create your DMP :

  • Online, directly from the DMP website.
  • In a pharmacy or with a healthcare professional equipped with the relevant computer tools
  • At the reception desk of your Caisse primaire d’Assurance maladie
  • With an adviser from your health insurance organisation

Once created, your DMP is accessible at any time from the My DMP section of the website or via the downloadable DMP mobile application for iOS and Android systems.

Is it safe?

Accessing your DMP is highly secure. Apart from you, only health professionals that you explicitly authorise can consult it.

You can add or hide documents from one or all of the invited members, block healthcare professionals and delete authorisation. Only your médecin traitant (GP) can access all the information contained in your file.

You are free to request closure of the DMP at any time, otherwise the data will be kept for 10 years.

For more information, visit www.dmp.fr
or speak to your doctor


  1. I think that you’ll find that this info is out of date because the DMP has been superseded by MonEspaceSanté.

    1. Thanks Nick. Yes, on the list for updating but went out in newsletter before we had chance.

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