Health Insurance Requirements Eased

Although the discussion on entry visas still seems mightily complicated, requirements in terms of health insurance are set to be simplified, although the decision is still en cours.

Since the Withdrawal Agreement came into force on the 1st January 2021, British arrivals in France for stays over 90 days were obliged to provide proof of comprehensive health insurance, covering all eventualities for the entirety of their stay.

According to some news channels, arrivals with only emergency cover were being denied entry, as were arrivals with the new GHIC card.

The Consulate is now suggesting that the rules will be revised, with different requirements according to the type of stay.

Under 90 days (short stay)

The GHIC card will be accepted if presented with proof of Schengen travel insurance.

Between 90 and 180 days (long stay temprorary)

EHIC/GHIC cards now accepted as sufficient medical insurance cover as long as they cover the entire period of your trip.

If you do not have one of the two cards, Schengen travel insurance is not sufficient and you will need to show proof of private medical insurance.

Over 180 days (long stay)

For longer stays and those looking to relocate to France, you will systematically need private medical insurance to cover the whole visa duration. There are rumours that this may be relaxed for British pension holders but for now, nothing has been confirmed.

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  1. We visited the TLS centre in London to try and get a long term visa for 180 day stay in France. That was 5 weeks ago. They will not give us a visa because they want us to have GHIC – we cannot get GHIC until our EHIC card expires which is 2023 . We are stuck . Passports and relevant information remain at the Consulate.

  2. If I was simply visiting my house, not working or studying could I apply for a long stay temporary I.e just for a holiday? If so what is required and how do I make an application?
    Thank you..

  3. Am I understanding this properly? For long stay temporary, a GHIC card would be sufficient but for short stay you would need travel insurance PLUS a GHIC card. This doesn’t seem logical

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