Con artists pose as fund raising calendar vendors

Local gendarmes are taking to social media to call for vigilance across the region. Over the past ten days or so, numerous cases have been reported of individuals posing as calendar sellers to gain entry to homes and then stealing valuables.

It is not a new scam. A dishonest few have always taken advantage of people’s good nature, using charity calendar sales as means of lining their own pockets.

The con artists usually arrive in pairs, with one asking to “pay a call” while the other goes through the formalities of selling. Once inside, the individuals take anything they can find of value.

It’s tough on victims but it’s also tough on genuine calendar vendors, raising valuable funds for public services such as the fire brigade, the rubbish collectors, the post service and local schools.

Burglars mainly target the elderly and the isolated, with victims usually scoped out before they make their approach. The usual advice applies, but it’s worth reiterating:

  • Never let any unknown individuals enter your home.
  • Avoid leaving accesses to your home, such as the garage or the garden, open.
  • Ask for the ID card of the vendor.
  • Check the official logo is present on the ID and the calendar.
  • At the slightest doubt, contact the police or the gendarmerie, who carry out systematic checks to find individuals.

Stay safe!


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