Brexit obliged British residents in France to apply for a carte de séjour but don’t assume you can now leave your passport à la maison.

Did you know that you must still have a valid passport (or ID card) to travel to any European country other than France?

Here in the P-O, many people head into Spain quite regularly to take advantage of cheaper petrol, alcohol, restaurants etc. Although you do not need a passport to actually cross the border, a carte de séjour will NOT be accepted as proof of identity if you are stopped or questioned by police. Nor will a driving licence.

If your passport is out of date, lost or stolen, you can apply for an emergency travel document HERE. This will cost you a non-refundable 100 euro which you can pay online as part of your application.

It will normally be ready in 2 working days.

IMPORTANT Remember that, your British passport must be valid for more than six months for you to travel around Europe.

Applying for a carte de sejour


  1. Sorry had senior moment wth dates.Passport issued 28/12/12 but expires 28/06/23

  2. Agree with Peter for travel within the Schengen area. Problem arises when entering the Schengen area from Uk. My understanding is that your passport must be less than 10 years since date of issue. My passport was issued June 2012 and expires December 2022 and I want to go to UK for New Year and I believe I will have to renew my passport before I leave France unless anyone knows different

  3. Not true if you are under the WA your passport is ok up to the date it expires

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