Grace period for WA residency extended

The deadline for applying for a physical Withdrawal Agreement residency card was officially the 30th June 2021, although if you could prove extenuating circumstances, you had until today (Thursday 30th September) to make your application.

The British embassy has confirmed that, until 1st January 2022, the French authorities will continue to accept proof of application (rather than the confirmed status) to accord British citizens right to work, travel, apply for benefits and access other services in France.

This is a three month extended grace period, beyond the original date of 1st October, during which prefectures can issue residency cards.

British Ambassador to France, Menna Rawlings said

I know this news will be reassuring for British people with a pending application, who are still waiting to receive their Withdrawal Agreement residency card.”

Further information about applying for residency in France can be found in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s Living in France guide.

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