Pass Sanitaire: who, what, where, when, how?

Summer is just around the corner and after 14 months grounded, many of us can’t wait to take to the road, rails, water or sky.

Whether you’re coming to or going from the P-O, there are all sorts of rumours flying around as to how travel will look this summer, so we’ve summarised key government info on the infamous pass sanitaire.

Please bear in mind that this info is ever-changing so it is worth checking the government site out regularly.


Although the pass is not an obligation (like personal ID), it will be available to all people over the age of 11. Because the vaccine is not yet authorised for under 11s, a negative test will be sufficient.


Three elements may be included in the pass:

  1. Proof of a negative RT-PCR or antigenic test : tests must be taken within 48 hours for access to spectator events and within 72 hours for international travel
  2. Covid-19 recovery certificate : a positive test attesting to the recovery of Covid, between 15 days and 6 months old
  3. Certificate of vaccination

The vaccination certificate will be accepted :

  • 2 weeks after the 2nd injection for vaccines requiring double doses (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) ;
  • 4 weeks after the injection for single dose vaccines (Janssen/Johnson & Johnson) ;
  • 2 weeks after the injection of any vaccine for people having already recovered from Covid


Passes will be requested at border control for international travel, and for accessing larger spectator events (over 1000 people) within France.

In terms of data protection, only certified members of staff will be able to request access to your pass. They will not see specific details, they will only see green (accepted for travel/entry) or red (refused for travel/entry). Nevertheless, you should always keep your pass secure and private.


The pass sanitaire has been in force since Wednesday 9th June, when France moved in to its final stage of deconfinement. The French Tourism Minister, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, has suggested that the whole of Europe will have enforced the pass sanitaire by 1st July.


The certificate will be available in digital format via the TousAntiCovid app. Within the app, you can also store passes for children or other family members.

The paper certificate, given after the first injection, includes a QR code that allows you to record the vaccination in the ‘Carnet’ section of the app.

For anyone who did not receive this certificate, you can request the QR code via the specially-designed platform managed by l’Assurance maladie.

The RT-PCR and antigenic test certificate indicating the result of the test is available in paper or digital (PDF) form from the email or SMS you receive after a test has been carried out. It includes a QR code to be scanned or a link to be clicked on to import the test result into TousAntiCovid.

It is also possible to present a paper version, which is simply the two documents and your photo ID.

An additional note on international travel

To travel within the European Union, it is currently not necessary to justify the reason for travel, but prior testing obligations (-72h) are required.

For travellers entering France from outside the European Union, borders will be reopened from 9th June 2021.

Countries will be categorised in a traffic light system, based on their level of virus circulation:

  • Green – where the virus is not actively circulating, and where no variants of concern have been identified, travel will be allowed to resume with much more flexible arrangements
  • Amber – where the virus is actively circulating but in controlled proportions, and without the spread of variants of concern, the conditions for entry into France will be more restrictive, particularly for unvaccinated travellers
  • Red – where the virus is circulating actively and where there is a strong presence of variants of concern, stricter measures will be implemented, including strict limitation of people authorised to travel, tests on boarding and arrival, strictly controlled isolation and quarantine measures

pass sanitaire


  1. Updates on travel re the vaccine/the virus very appreciated. As a reader in England, could you also give info from the point of view of a UK visitor – ie. how to get certificates in the UK; travel in and out of the UK; which countries are green, amber, red, etc.

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