Two weeks left to secure your right to live in France


  • UK Nationals have just two weeks left to secure their right to live in France under the Withdrawal Agreement
  • Some 135,000 people have already applied for residency in France, but many still need to apply
  • UK Ambassador Ed Llewellyn urges British people protect their rights by applying today, underlining that support is available for those who need it

The UK Ambassador today warned UK Nationals that if they do not apply for residency in the next two weeks, they risk losing the right to live in France.

The deadline for submitting an application for a Withdrawal Agreement residency permit in France is 30 June 2021. More than 135,000 applications have been made since the French Interior Ministry launched the online process in October 2020, but many still need to apply.

The Ambassador is urging all UK Nationals who were resident in France before 1 January 2021 to apply now.  That includes people who already hold a European carte de séjour, are in the process of applying for a French nationality, or are married or PACSed to French or other EU nationals.

British Ambassador to France Ed Llewellyn said:

With just two weeks remaining to apply for residency in France, my message to UK Nationals here is clear: if you have not done so already, you must apply for residency today. Submitting your application before 30 June is vital to protect your right to live here, and your future in France.

Please do not delay if you are missing certain documents – you can explain your situation within the application form. The important thing is to apply and support is available if you need it.

I also urge French people to ask their British friends, neighbours, spouses or family if they have applied for residency. Every UK National who arrived in France before 1 January this year needs to apply, so if you know someone who hasn’t, please encourage them to start the process.”

UK citizens who may need more support to apply can access help through the organisations funded by the UK Nationals Support Fund: The International Organization for Migration, the Franco-British Network, the Diocese in Europe Residency Support Project and SSAFA: The Armed Forces Charity. The four organisations can help with language barriers, answer questions about the process and help guide people as they apply.

Each person must make a separate application but children under 18 do not need to apply, unless they need a residency permit to work or will turn 18 close to the application deadline.  All adult UK Nationals need to obtain a residence permit bearing the words “UK Withdrawal Agreement from the EU”.

As part of the ongoing information campaign, the UK government is encouraging all UK Nationals in the EU to visit the Living in Guide for Europe and France.  They can sign up for alerts to receive the latest information about what actions they may need to take.

For more info

Those applying for a Withdrawal Agreement residency permit should submit their application here.

Support is available for those who may need assistance to make an application here.

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