Saffron: a high maintenance love affair

Saffron production is a labour of love – a process so labour intensive that it is hardly surprising that the fiery coloured spice is the most expensive in the world.

Over the coming months, we will follow Marie, a saffron farmer from Espira de Conflent, as she takes us step by step on the fascinating journey from the crocus to your table.

October and November

It’s picking time!

Saffron de Marie

Early in the morning, the flowers are picked one by one before the temperature rises to avoid the stigmas whithering

Saffron de Marie

The flowers whither just a few hours later if exposed to the sunlight

Saffron de Marie

Meet Marie and find out more about the magic of saffron at the Salon du bien-être et de la forme at Mas Capellans, Saint Cyprien from 24th to 28th May. 

And this week, sample a saffron-infused meringue recipe…

meringue recipe saffron de marie
meringues Saffron de Marie

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