Your carte vitale contains all the information necessary to prove your entitlement to the French health service.

Your carte vitale does not have an expiry date but should be updated at least once a year, particularly after change in circumstances (marriage, change of address, bank…)

Simply ask for a ‘mise à jour’ next time you visit your local pharmacy, or slot it into a ‘borne’ found in some hospitals or your local CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie.)… et Robert est ton oncle!


  1. I have a carte Vitale but have now moved back to U.K. Can I still use it if I visit France and how do I change my address?

  2. You could add a warning to never respond to any text messages or emails pertaining to be from the securité sociale telling you to update your card and asking for your credit card or bank details or any other information as it is a SPAM! (A friend of mine got caught)

  3. My c.v. finishes 30th Nov each year for the 100% reimbursement. I’m now told there is a new law that I’m no longer entitled to 100% only for me diabetic medication, yet UK pensions say yes I am entitled. Who’s right??

  4. Updating the card is one thing but getting it replaced once your dog has destroyed it is another. Our infirmiere said it is fast and easy online procedure and would take a few days. Been waiting 3 weeks so far. We got the required photograph downloaded and the forms completed and then sat back to wait, went on vacation, came back and still nothing. Problem is that once you start the procedure for a new card the old one is cancelled so you have to go back to the old way with bits of brown paper and forms to send off. Didn’t know that beforehand. Where is the logic? Oh oops, forgot – logic? short supply. By the way the dog didn’t destroy it, don’t have a dog, just cracked in half and delaminated.

  5. Hello I have been stuck in U.K. receiving medical treatment for over six months the last time I was at my house in France was 21 July 2022.
    How do I get back to France and renew my Carte Vitale ( I have Carte de Jour) .
    Is my passport still valid to travel to France or do I go down the Visa route. Thank you

  6. have tried all known ways to update carte vitale having been in spain for 2 yrs
    now told not possible without carte de sejour despite having lived and worked in france for yrs and still have 2 registered companies

  7. If you are not able to walk into a Pharmacy in France – simply Log On to the EMELI/CPAM Website and renew your Carte Vitale On Line

  8. Hello,
    Simply walk into any Pharmacy in France – present your Carte Vitale and request ‘Renouvellement’ – it takes less than 30 seconds.

  9. Our cartes vitales expired while we were stuck in the US during the EU border shutdown. We are now back in France after two years. Can we still renew our cartes, or will we have to start over again (reapply)?

  10. Hello can anyone please tell me How to update carte vitale?

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