Cross-border public transport for just 1€? Molt bé !*

*Molt bé = ‘very good’ in Catalan

Great news, travel junkies! The powers that be have given the go-ahead for cross-border transport, and at just 1€ per journey you can border hop as often as you like this summer.

The famous regional 1€ bus has helped many of us get out and about across the P-O and even further afield in Occitanie, but after a successful trial period, 5 new cross-border lines have been implemented to link North and South Catalonia.

The project ConnECT has been a little stop-start over previous years, but the hope is that the lines will run continuously and permanently.

Fancy a flaunt in Figuerès? A jolly in Girona? You can even have a blast in Barcelona!

The lines

Ligne C1 : Porté Puymorens – Puigcerdá – Mont-Louis

Ligne C2 : Formiguères – Puigcerdá – Err

Ligne C3 – Figueres – Le Boulou

Ligne C4 – Figueres – Maçanet de Cabrenys – Saint Laurent de Cerdans

Ligne C5 – Camprodon – Mollo – Prats de Mollo

The C1, C2 and C3 lines have connections with Perpignan. The C4 line has connections with Arles sur Tech and Perpignan. The C5 line has connections with Arles sur Tech, Perpignan and Ripoll.

There are also 2 long distance lines connection Barcelone-Puigcerdà-llivia-Bourg-Madame and Girona-Puigcerdà-Llivia-Bourg-Madame.

For more info

Keep an eye on the regional transport website, LiO.

connect lio 1€ bus


  1. Sounds very interesting! Hope they go ahead.

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