The end of mandatory masks and other changes

Although France had initially cited the 30th June as the next and final stage of their déconfinement plan, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Wednesday 16th June that they were bringing forward the date for certain elements, although there are still plenty of grey areas, with the government relying on the public’s common sense to make reasoned and reasonable judgements.

Here’s a breakdown of the announcements.


From Thursday 17th June, masks in outdoor spaces are no longer mandatory (although of course you can continue to wear them if you wish!).

There are certain circumstances in which masks remain compulsory :

  • busy outdoor spaces such as markets, queues or spectator events (including the Fête de la Musique)
  • outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people
  • places where social distancing is not possible

Masks also remain compulsory for all public indoor spaces.

So that’s cleared that up then!

coronavirus mask


After being pushed back to 11pm on the 9th June, the curfew will be completely lifted from Sunday 20th June (good news for dads who fancy a bender for their special day!)

That means no more need of attestations, and no more risk of fines for being out after hours.

What’s not changing

The following elements will remain in place with more announcements scheduled next week.

  • limited numbers in inside public spaces (calculated according to size of building)
  • Indoor and outdoor private gatherings beyond the members of your own household limited to 10 (up from 6 since the 9th June)
  • pass sanitaire for access to interior spaces, large spectator events and international travel

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