Cross-border buses to link North and South Catalonia

On Wednesday 25th November, the Catalonian transport minister announced the launch of three new bus routes, linking us to the towns on the other side of the border.

The C3 will run between Figueres and Le Boulou, with stops in Le Perthus and Jonquera. The C4 will connect Figueres to Saint-Laurent de Cerdans while the C5 will link Camprodon with Prats de Molló.

These new buses have begun running today, Monday 30th November and are part of the ConnECT project, which aims to promote mobility between the towns on both sides of the Catalan Pyrenees.

The lines are operated by the Girona-based TEISA group, who, according to certain newspapers, are also studying the possibility of a link to Perpignan.

Travelling during lockdown

Answering questions on changes to lockdown restrictions as of Saturday 28th November, the Préfet de Perpignan, Etienne Stoskopf, confirmed that there are no travel limits, nor is there a time limit for shopping. It is not forbidden to travel to Spain, but it is necessary to carry an attestation and to respect any confinement restrictions established in Catalonia (notably at weekends).


C3 – Le Boulou – Figueres

C4 – St Laurent de Cerdagne – Figueres

C4 bus catalonia

C5 – Prats de Mollo – Camprodon

C5 bus catalonia

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