WALK THE REGION with Tim and Chris Parker ( August 2020)

rated* by level of challenge. Easy/ medium or challenging

Where no links are provided, the walks have not yet been updated and posted on-line. Please bookmark this page and keep popping back to check. Bonne rando!

(This list is just the walks written up by Tim and Chris. There are many more walks by other guest walkers on the website.)


Caves – Exploring the rocky plateaus of the Corbières

Cosprons circular

Ermitage de St Ferréol circularfrom Pont du Diable, Cerèt

Ermitage de St Ferriol and Chateau Aubiry

Estagel : The heights above Estagel

Fort Bellegarde circular

Lamanère/ Serralongue circuit (incl visit to Fromagerie)

Leucate : Plateau, cliffs and coast

Pic Aubeil Belesta

Walk: Sentier Botanique, Montesquieu


All around Reynès – le chemin des mas

Castelnou- Roc de Majorque circular

Conat circular – Chapelle St Marguerite

Lamanère, Notre Dame de Coral

Le Dolmen de la Siurueda – Maureillas

Mont Capell circular St Laurent de Cerdans

Walking through history 1 – Olette, Evol, Oreilla

Le Chemin de l’Histoire 2 – Joncet, Serdinya, Flassa

Empuries, Costa Brava


Amelie circular – le Drapeau, Chapelle St Marguerite

Amelie, Montbolo, Palalda

Banyuls circular – Col de Gascons from plage des Elmes

Banyuls coast and ridge

Batterie de Tailleferrer, Col d’en Raxat, Fort St Elme

Chateau d’Ultrera from La Pava

Col de Paracolls Batterie de St Engracia

Corneilla – Fillols circular

Dolmens de St Michel de Lotte

Inland and Coast combined – Cosprons, Paulilles, Banyuls

La Consolation, Col d’en Raixat, Fort St Elme

Les Balcons de Laroque

Les Balcons de Taurinya

Les Cabanes de Mataporc from Laroque des Alberes

Les Crêtes de Serrabone

Mineral circuit – Villefranche de Conflent, Corneilla

Montner-Forca Real circular

Notre Dame de la Pena, Calce circular

Paulilles/ Banyuls circular

Plage des Elmes, Col de Gascon, La Galline, Vinaigrie

Puig de les Daines from Collioure

Puig Pedrous from Ile sur Tet

Retenue de Vinça, Marcevol via valleys

Reynès : Canyon Talc and tunnel

Roc de les Medes from La Vallée Heureuse

Rodes: Las Cazas

Tautavel tower with 2 cars

Tour de la Massane from Valmy

Villefranche/ Corneilla circular

Walk La Serre de Vingrau


La Serre de Vingrau circular

Les Crêtes de Galamus

Puig de St Cristau from St Jean d’Albères

Pilo de Belmaig Arles sur Tech

Puig de Salfort from Le Rimbau

St Martin de Canigou circular via Col de Levant, from Casteil

Tour de Querroig ridge Banyuls


The walks have been graded depending on characteristics as follows:
Terrain: good paths with terrain typical of region – earth, stones, sections of road – would be easy or medium. Care over rocks or scree would push up the rating.
Total height gained:
The higher the ascent the higher the grade
Total distance
covered by the route. The longer the walk the higher the grade
Equipment: required to safely complete the route taking into account weather and route difficulty.

Navigation skills: Always take a 1:25,000 scale map but if route finding is difficult and terrain makes navigation skills essential, the route will be graded challenging.

The grades are based on the assumption that the route is completed in reasonable weather conditions.


  • Choose a route within your capabilities – both physical capabilities and navigation skills.
  • Turn back if the weather deteriorates significantly and visibility is poor.
  • Check weather forecast before setting off – conditions can change quickly.
  • Wear the right clothing for the weather conditions and take spare clothing in a waterproof pack
  • Tell someone where you are planning to walk.
  • Take a map and navigational aids. Mobile devices are good but may not work in areas of poor reception.
  • Take water for hydration – lots of it in hot weather!
  • Have emergency food rations with you in case of low blood sugar or if you are out for longer than planned.



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